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Product Image The Mantis Boomerang

The Mantis Boomerang


WATCH IT FLY!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imKQ2EBA1Rk


Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate, for ages 10 and up with a good overhand throw

Range: 25 Yards, needs a ball field, grassy park or open beach area

Wind conditions: Calm to light breeze (under 10mph)

Material: Baltic Birch Plywood (Lightweight, yet durable and it floats!)


We designed the Mantis specifically to make it easier to catch, but there were several other advantages we discovered with its tighter elbow and swept out wings. It flies a little more stable, handles a little breeze well AND its easier to catch, making it our best short range wooden boomerang for older kids and adults. It is thrown overhand, like a baseball, with a snap of the wrist to make it spin. You have to pay attention to the breeze in order to get a bullseye, as shown with our complete illustrated instructions. (You can also see them on this website and on Youtube.