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Roundtrip Boomerangs features boomerangs designed and hand-crafted by Gregg Snouffer, who is a five-time world champion and the current head coach of the United States Boomerang Team.

A high school teacher and coach from Delaware, Ohio, Gregg got his start in boomerangs as a five year old, when his older brother Chet Snouffer read an article that included a plan on how to build one of the mysterious pre-historic flying tools. The boys’ grandfather, Ray Snouffer, helped them build their first boomerang in his garage workshop in Worthington, Ohio. Growing up, the brothers were fascinated with science and flight aerodynamics, learning to build kites, gliders, hot air balloons and anything else that flew. A family vacation to the Smithsonian’s annual boomerang fling in Washington DC during high school turned into a lifetime hobby, as the brothers were introduced to the organizers of the modern sport and got swept up in the early years of the U.S. Boomerang Team. As a member of the team from 1986 – 2006, Gregg won five World Team Championships and two U.S. National Championships. In 2008 he was named head coach of the U.S. Team and in 2010, led the Americans to their first world championship in eight years in Rome. The team is currently preparing for the 2014 World Cup in Perth, Australia. Gregg has also helped coach the Japanese and Brazilian teams, as well as several other international champions. He learned circular breathing on the didgeridoo from an Aboriginal while on a walk-about in Australia. He is also the father of the U.S. Junior National Champion, 14-year old Kian Snouffer.


Boomerang Demonstrations for your class, scout troop or group: Get a fascinating and informative demonstration and lessons from the head coach of the world champion U.S. Boomerang Team! Gregg has taught thousands of kids to throw all around the world. Students learn about the history, science and art of this amazing prehistoric flying tool. And The Roundtrip Boomerang Team has performed for crowds large and small anywhere from the classroom to college and NFL stadiums.


Boomerangs can be worked into any number of academic subjects from science to history to phys ed. Explore subjects such as:

  • The science and advanced aerodynamics developed by prehistoric people
  • The history, art and culture of the people who developed this mystical prehistoric flying tool
  • How modern boomerang competitions, events and feats
  • Lessons on how to throw and catch
  • Boomerang building workshops


For product demos and complete throwing instructions on Youtube, search “Roundtrip Boomerangs”


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