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Product Image Tri-Fly "Beach Comber" with BONUS FREE INDOOR BOOMERANG!

Tri-Fly "Beach Comber" with BONUS FREE INDOOR BOOMERANG!


WATCH IT FLY AT   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjoMCply0B4


Skill Level: Beginner to advanced, ages 6 and up

Range: Short to intermediate (about 30-40 feet)

Wind Conditions: calm to light breeze (under 10 mph)

Material: Polypropylene Plastic (Waterproof and floats)



A great beginner boomerang. You throw it overhand, just like a baseball, with a snap of the wrist to make it spin. It works great as a first boomerang or as a step up from the Tantrum Backyard Boomerang. A six year old with a good throw can get it to come back and catch it with a little practice. It floats, so it works great at the beach or the lake. Also works great as a tool to teach and reinforce the fundamentals of the overhand throw skill that is used on other sports like baseball and football. Tolerates a wide range of throws from soft to strong and is adjustable for right or left handers by twisting the wings. Easy to catch! try to catch one-handed, behind-the-back, under-the-leg or with the feet! Make up your own catches!



"My kid has been throwing this thing non-stop since he got it! I'd say he is hooked!"

"It really helped strengthen his throwing arm for the baseball team."


"A great stocking stuffer!"